my heart palpitates missing a beat (xxkornfreakxx) wrote,
my heart palpitates missing a beat

yesturday was good times. day off, finally. woke up around 11 and then went to the buy for my check and then shaws with the bro and grams. got some food and came home. called alan about frisbee and went to the china buffet. waited for hildo, bought a fris and got to the field. played with trav, dmac and jed, vs mike, hildo alan and mike w. sophie watched. then played some pick up with alan against mike and trav. then came home, watched some tv and had sophie whit and trav stop by. then jake and chelsea. then we all watch eurotrip then left to go to wendys. ate and mike showed up. then we went to some place in newmarket to go swimming. it was really fun. i had an amazing time but it kinda stinks because i relized that i never get called by them anymore to do stuff. and its said because it seems like they don't want me around.
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