my heart palpitates missing a beat (xxkornfreakxx) wrote,
my heart palpitates missing a beat

here ya go. find out if you and i are made for each other. add your score and post them...

likes music +2 pts, if you like atreyu, norma jean or the bled +3 pts
likes the winter +3 pts
likes cars +2 pts
knows what a WRX is +1 pt
has blonde hair +1 pt
has brown hair +1 pt
has red hair +1 pt
knows who dane cook is +2 pts
knows every word to his dvd +2 pts
likes to go to best buy just cause i work there +1 pt
likes to go to shows +2 pts
likes to just stay in and eat wendys (fast food is acceptible) +2 pts
likes to get dressed up and go out to olive garden +2 pts
can drive +2 pts
lives within a 50 miles radius of dover +1 pt, if you live in dover +2pts
likes to go online +1 pt
doesn't like the phone +2 pts
likes to watch lots of movies +2 pts
knows the telephone number to dominos by heart +2 pts
has saturdays off +2 pts
has wednesdays off +2 pts, extra point (+1) if you have saturdays off too.
friends with me +1 pt
likes the movie dumb and dumber or tommy boy +2 pts
likes to cook +1 pt
likes to be cooked for +1 pt
likes to snowboard +2 pts
likes to snowmobile +2 pts
likes to play hockey or skate +2 pts
doesn't smoke +5 pts
friends with at least three of my friends +2 pts
knows my birthday or middle name +3 pts

count up your score out of a total of 60 points.
make sure to post your name and score.
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