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This is the moment that we all live for... are you ready?

listing to my heart and writing you a letter. underoath helped a little...

I feel like dripping it dry tonight
Over and over again
It's time to open up the door

i know i'm not perfect but just give me a chance. we could have something and i dont want to let that past by. i know u can't change what your heart is telling u to feel, but neither can i. i will always be here for u. and i hope u don't think of me as one of those guys that tells u they'll treat good and wont do what guys before have. i will treat u like your everything. cause you are. ever since those days when i would visit u on my lunch breaks back in january i just can't get u out of my head. i couldn't treat u like those other guys. i've seen what they've done and ur to good for that. u deserve so much more, more than me, more than him. yet i would like to try to be there for u. whenever we hang out its like the world stops. i can't even breath. i can't even blink because i wouldn't want to miss ur smile. ur just looking into ur eyes. telling jokes and just being us. i've never felt this way and i never want to feel any other way. its like everything else doesn't matter. who cares, the world could end but as long as i'm looking at you i wouldn't even be able to notice the flames. if nothing else, i always want to be your friend. thats y i didn't tell you how i felt earlier because i didn't want to fuck that up but then i relized that i couldn't take the chance of not being with you. you do what you want. i just had to let you know how important u are to me and how i feel. the balls in your court, although u prolly don't care much. you make what you want with it. just don't end our friendship. u mean too much for me to lose you and your one of my best friends. no joking. ive told u things i couldn't tell anyone else. give it some thought though. the world wasn't made in a day. i've already waited this long, i can wait a little longer...

Everything is out of reach...
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