my heart palpitates missing a beat (xxkornfreakxx) wrote,
my heart palpitates missing a beat

today = good

yeah it only cause its friday the 13th.
10:45 wake up to alan ringing the doorbell. go to the park and play some bball kids. school the other team and take a break in the sprinklers with my boys. then some wiffleball. o hellz yeah. get down 5-2 then come back for the 11-7 win. yeah, we ballahz. then china buffet with roux. get my eat on. fo show. then come home and rock out in the shower before heading of to work. work til 11. get out on time? o no way! craziness. then got to jakes house for a night of fun and excitment. yeah. i wish i hung out with jake more tho. i miss hanging out with him. and everyone else there although they barely knew i was there. o wellz. come home, and type then fall asleep. thats how we pimps play. pop a collah. then wake up and go see alien vs preditor with roux and s curlz. yes-er-e-bob! then grad party at 5 with the fam, and then kids stopping by late for alf, poker and pool? your welcomed? ok, sounds like a plan bitches.

ps. if u don't know me and for some reason just starting to read my journal for the first time, i am not a gangstah. so brush ya shouldahs off.
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